Kunstraum invites sharing live moments of selected emerging artists leaving their stamp in social media.

Creating a direct link to the heart of the artist and his work.

 Artists are empowered by a multifaceted toolset on social media to interact with you.

Jerry Kowalsky

“In my work I have a great attraction to banality. The main material I use is cardboard – you can even find it on the street, its cheap, its light and easy to repair if it breaks – a handy material.  The materials I use are following this idea but also in my choice of subjects focused on everyday human affairs and characteristics. Using a perishable  material and transforming it to a form …. ”

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Wolfgang Flad

“The principle behind my work is always very much about sustainability recycling, upcycling and building very crude sculptures and installations. I was always interested in space and material…. Turning back time, bringing things back to nature or to a natural state, giving something back. I knew always that I wanted to be creating and designing and building things.”


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